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Art Class Information

Art Today:

Our Middle School Art Today sessions are taught by Melissa Kay. Each class will be learning and practicing different art skills such as acrylic painting, water-coloring, sculpturing and etc. Melissa not only teaches the different skills necessary, but also the history and famous artists who practice each style. To help Melissa know how much art supplies to buy, we ask that you try and register for the class by at least the day before. Classes are on Tuesdays. You can register for the class by calling the Civic Center at 865-425-3450 or by emailing

Art Today sessions vary in price depending on what will be covered in the session, but typically prices are $30-35 per class.

To keep participants safe, we will:

Check temperatures before each session; wear masks when entering the building and in hallways; socially distance during practice; and have parents/guardians complete waivers.