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Jon Hetrick

Parks Manager

Billy Pickett

Aquatics Manager & City Staff Liaison to YAB

Vonda Wooten

Recreation Center Manager

Seth Rodgers

Senior Center Manager

Linda McGhee

Scarboro Community Center Manager

Barbara Spratling

Athletics Manager

Steve Stone

Athletics League Supervisor

Matt Reece

Centennial Golf Course General Manager

Michael Callender


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(865) 425-3450.
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Attention:  Recreation and Parks Department
P.O. Box 1
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831

About Us

The Recreation and Parks Department is responsible for planning, organizing, supervising, and coordinating a comprehensive plan of leisure activities for the citizens of Oak Ridge. The department is also charged with the responsibility of providing safe, well-maintained facilities for its patrons. Over thirty city-owned properties are maintained including nine lighted athletic fields, six horticultural displays, ten playground areas, twenty-three lighted tennis courts, three community center buildings, and two pools. Program opportunities are geared to the various age groups and are coordinated with community organizations and groups in order to reduce duplication and to enhance the quality of life.

To accomplish program and maintenance requirements, the department employs over 70 full- and part-time staff. The department is divided into two operational divisions – Recreation and Parks. The Recreation Division oversees the programs and activities generated by the department. Staff includes the Director, six Recreation Managers, one Recreation Program Coordinator, two Recreation program Supervisors, eight Recreation Assistants, and an Administrative Assistant. The Parks Division is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the recreation facilities, horticultural displays, and greenbelts. It is also responsible for overseeing Capital projects on park areas. Staffing includes two Parks Maintenance Managers, two Parks Crew Chiefs, one Parks Fleet Mechanic, and eight Parks Technicians. The City also maintains over 1,275 acres of Greenbelt Districts, which are retained in their natural setting and open to the public for hiking, nature study, and jogging. These serve as buffers for traffic between neighborhoods, and along with industrial areas.