Graduation Celebration

Volunteers are needed to make this annual party possible.  Please consider fundraising or working at the party to help us out!  Friday, May 20th, at 10 pm, doors will open at the Oak Ridge Civic Center. Here all students will check in, enjoy food and activities and then load onto busses to ride over to Main Event Knoxville. The all-night party will run from Midnight to 5 am.

Beginning at 5 am, all students will board busses back to the Civic Center and will return home from there.

This ticket does not guarantee your spot at the party, but it does guarantee that our Volunteer Coordinator will be contacting you.  Please be sure to check the hours which are AVAILABLE to work as well as jobs in which you are interested.  You will be assigned according to the needs of the event.  Requests will be honored in the order in which they are received, but cannot be guaranteed.


  • Donations – MAKE ONE TODAY!
  • Decoration helpers:  NOT NEEDED THIS YEAR
  • Steering Committee Event Planners prior to the party
  • Party workers:  Thursday 8 pm – Friday at 6 am

Visit for more info.  You can also email Shellie Fellers, Volunteer Coordinator, with any questions you may have.

Contact email:



Check out our promo video to see why you should support Graduation Celebration

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