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Fats, oils and grease (FOG) program

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) obstruction and interference to the sanitary sewer system can cause sanitary sewer overflows which pollute Oak Ridge area streams. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation require the City of Oak Ridge to take action to prevent sanitary sewer overflows.

The City of Oak Ridge recommends following Best Management Practices (BMPs) to prevent sewer backups, blockages and sanitary sewer overflows. The City advises that residents also regularly maintain and clean the interceptor or trap!

Bmp to Control FOG Discharges to the Sanitary Sewer

1. Do NOT pour any grease into sinks, floor drains or mop sinks. Recycle waste cooking oil, dispose in Grease Recycle Bin or Container.
2. Post “NO GREASE” signs above all kitchen sinks to remind employees.
3. “Dry Wipe” and scrape into a trash container as much food particles and grease residue from pots, pans, and plates as possible.
4. Use Strainers in sink drains and floor drains to prevent large food particles and containers from going into the sewer line.
5. If an oil or grease spill occurs, clean up using “dry” oil absorbent material or use ice to make grease solidify. Scoop up and dispose in trash container. Do NOT wash oil or grease into drains!
6. Food grinder use is discouraged due to build up of solids in the sewer pipe. Dispose of food items in trash.
7. Educate and Train all employees on grease control and preventing sewer pipe clogs and sewer overflows.


FOG Program Information                             
Grease Control Brochure Grease Control Brochure
Trap Interceptor Cleaning Log Trap Interceptor Cleaning Log
FOG Inspection Form FOG Inspection Form
Residential FOG Notification Form Residential FOG Notification
Grease Trap Maintenance  Grease Trap Maintenance
Grease Trap Certification Form   Grease TRAP Certification Form 
Grease Interceptor Maintenance Grease Interceptor Maintenance 
Grease Interceptor Certification Form Grease Interceptor Certification Form 
Noncompliance Notification Form Noncompliance Notification 
Grease Waste Haulers Handout Grease Waste Haulers handout 
FOG Policy  FOG Administrative Policy