Greenways in Oak Ridge

The Oak Ridge Greenways project is an effort to weave natural corridors through the City to community resources such as parks, schools, cultural centers, shopping areas, and areas of empolyment. Oak Ridge has dedicated 11 greenways to date and plans to continue the network into a system of trails, walkways, and bike trails.

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The Oak Ridge Greenways are linear parks or open spaces established along natural corridors that provide quiet walkways and bicycle paths.


What’s new
May 23, 2012, Melton Lake Greenway phase IV dedication Google map
April, 2012, Melton Lake Greenway extended to 5.6 miles Google map
February, 2012, new trail added to North Boundary, 1.3 mile Big Oak Trail
construction begins on Melton Lake Phase IV, June, 2011, western end paved November, 2011
January, 2011 — 2 miles of new single track in BORCE
D. Ray Smith’s Oak Ridger articles on history of Oak Ridge Greenways: Oct 19,2010 Oct 26,2010 Nov 10,2010
March, 2009, new Gallaher Trail (1.3 miles) opened in North Boundary, west of water tower and trail info
$650K received for Phase IV of Melton Lake Greenway 8/9/05 Oak Ridger article
walk all the greenways and earn a Secret City Trekker patch
January ’03, Greenways Trail brochure published

Come join us! The Greenways committee meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the Training Room at the Oak Ridge City Building. Guests are welcome. Greenways Oak Ridge P.O. Box 6961 Oak Ridge, TN 37831