Community Parks

The Recreation and Parks Department invites you to enjoy one of our many community park locations throughout the City of Oak Ridge. Our parks are open for year-round use and offer a wide variety of amenities that encompass every age group and a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. Please find information about our many parks below.

Oak Ridge Community Parks

A.K. Bissell Park
1403 Oak Ridge Turnpike

38 acres, and features a 1.25-mile loop, picnic shelter, performance pavilion, and is also home to The Friendship Bell.

Commemorative Walk  | Performing Arts Pavilion  |  Friendship Bell  | Playground | Walking  Trail | Picnic Shelter | Park map

Big Turtle Park
100 Monterey Rd.

Offers soccer and softball fields, a playground, and picnic areas. PetSafe Dog Park provides two fenced areas for dogs to play off-leash.

Field Rentals  |  Dog Park  |  Playground | Big Turtle Greenway | Soccer Field | Softball Field |  Park map

213 Broadway Ave.

For over 70 years, Blankenship Field has been the home of Oak Ridge High School Wildcat Football team, and an important gathering place for the city.

Athletic Field  | Cedar Hill Greenway Trailhead  |  Walking Track  |  Park map

Briarcliff Park
100 Deerfield Ln.


Playground  |  Practice Soccer Field  |  Park map

Carl Yearwood Park
235 Bus Terminal Rd.


Skate Park  | Disc Golf  |  Softball Fields | Picnic Shelter  |  Park map

Cedar Hill Park
609 Michigan Ave.


Picnic Shelter | Playground  |  Basketball Court  |  Cedar Hill Greenway  |  Park map

Elm Grove Park
351 E. Tennessee Ave.


Basketball Court  |  Playground  |  Walking Trail  |  Park map

Elza Gate Park
101 Oak Ridge Turnpike

a former entry point to the Secret City in the 1940s and TVA’s Worthington Cemetary Trail with a wooden habitat, a cemetery from the 1800s, a pond and pier that extends out to the wetland with over 125 bird species, and the trailhead for the Melton Lake Greenway.

Melton Lake Greenway  |  Worthington Cemetary   |  Park map

Groves Park
795 Tuskegee Dr.

Disc Golf Course / Open park space


  Disc Golf Course  |  Park map

Haw Ridge Park
Edgemoor Rd.

The 780-acre park is situated on a scenic peninsula along the Clinch River. Greenways for Haw Ridge, and Melton Lake, a Mountain Bike pump track and trails, and room for biking, hiking, and running.

Haw Ridge Greenway | Melton Lake Greenway | Dirt Lab  |  Park map


Highland View Park
451 West Outer Dr.


Picnic Shelter | Playground  |  Park map


LaSalle Park
168 Lasalle Rd


Soccer Field | Playground  |  Park map

Melton Lake Park
697 Melton Lake Dr.

With 173 miles of shoreline, Melton Lake Park is located on the eastern edge of Oak Ridge, is also known as one of the best 2,000-meter rowing venues in America, and a peaceful 5.6-mile waterfront greenway great for walking, running, and biking.

Melton Lake Greenway | Volleyball Court | Playground | Boat Ramp | Pavilion for Rent  |  Park map

Milt Dickens Park
100 Athens Rd


Soccer Field | Playground  |  Park map

Pinewood Park
205 Bus Terminal Rd.


Soccer Field | Softball Field  |  Park map

Scarboro Park
148 Carver Ave.


Tennis Courts | Basketball Courts | Playground | Softball Field  |  Park map

Solway Park
Edgemoor Rd.


Boat Ramp | Fishing Pier | Picnic Area | Walking Trail |  Park map